DIY Wedding Invitations

So today I have done a whole lot with the wedding.  We wrote out each individual address by hand on each envelope awhile ago. Stuffed each envelope with the appropriate things last night.  We stuff things like where to find the hotel we recommend and where we are registers, blah blah blah. Bought stamps today and put them on a completed invitation and the multiples I had after that but I had to get the right postage or it would have been kicked back and that would have been terrible. I never knew that until I went into the postal building and asked for stamps the first time. They told me that I needed a finalized invitation which I didn’t have and give it to them and they needed to weigh it and the size demensions, etc. Last night when we were stuffing the envelopes we came across two invitations that had no inserts, I was so frustrated. However, the printing company that I drove to today just printed them out FREE of charge because they were missing. Thank you! I feel like this invitation has been laying around the house forever. We just needed to print some papers and we don’t have a computer and/or printer at our home and I did’t feel comfortable doing it at the library so we had to ask a friend to do it. Otherwise we would have had it done at a printer with our invitations or a FedEx facility.  Thank you to that friend, you made this easier and it was quite fun doing it too.  So they were done, YAY! and I put the appropriate stamps on them to be put out in the mail. I feel like a whole weight has been lifted off my shoulders. On to the next wedding thing, Yippee! One thing down and next on the list.