Names & Pronouns are a great form of Respect


I know I walked out of Thanksgiving dinner because my husband did not deserve to be treated like he was on Thanksgiving. The person knew of his past, knew of his transition, knew of the name change and still two years after the fact still called him his birth name. No! Doesn’t work with me. I understand people try and they slip. But this person didnt even try. Let us change the way of thinking for everyone. Please try.

We had Christmas dinner and almost called it off because of how bad Thanksgiving got. We did not call it off. I was prepared on Christmas to do name tags and pronoun preferences on the bottom but it didn’t come to that. Actually everything went quite smoothly.

I wish I actually could receive some of those pins. I became more of an activist for the LGBTQ community in the past six years than most and I understand more trials and tribulations than ever.

Lesson learned:

1. Don’t assume – especially someone’s gender.

2. Don’t tell them you don’t pass

3. Call each person by their preferred name and pronoun

4. Respect Others